The only good team is a well-attuned one: we respect and support each other.

This is an important company philosophy which accompanies us daily and to which we adhere. Different nationalities rub shoulders in our team (Germany, Italy, Turkey and Macedonia), providing the best example of how different cultures can work together successfully and harmoniously. And this is also how our customers like it. Allow us to introduce ourselves:


Filippo Bosco – Member of the Executive Board
In May 2011, the trained hotel specialist began working for our company as a reception secretary. He later worked as a clerk before joining Mr Coir as Executive Board Assistant in 2014. He is now a member of the Executive Board and is involved in strategic and operational issues. He is also in charge of internal processes and manages the departments „Marketing + Sales“, „Company Formation“ and „Sales Preparation“.
Languages: German, Italian, English and French.
Mehtap Yildiz – Account Assistant/Authorised Signatory
She began enriching our team in September 2014, initially in the reception area and in administration. The trained hotel manager quickly worked her way up to Account Assistant and, together with Mr Bosco, forms a perfectly coordinated team in sales management, customer care and other internal matters. In February, she was granted power of attorney.
Languages: German, Turkish and English.
Nadin Juffing – Administration
The trained office communication specialist has been on board since March 2018 and a is perfect addition to the team. Her main task is managing the reception. She also supports Mr Bosco and Ms Yildiz with administrative activities and internal processes.
Languages: German, Macedonian, English.