About Cofa

„He who rests on his laurels wears them in the wrong place.“
Quote: Mao Tse-tung



The founding shareholder and Executive Board Member of COFA Consulting + Vertriebs AG, Dipl.-Kfm. Bernd J.J. Coir, has been involved in the stock formation of German corporations for more than a decade now,

These include in particular the GmbH (Limited Company) and the Aktiengesellschaft (PLC). However, the GmbH & Co. KG (Ltd where the limited partner is the managing company) and the (not widespread) „Europa-AG“ (Societas Europea) are constantly stocked as ready-to-use shelf companies. Since the introduction of the „Mini-GmbH“ in November 2008, shelf companies with the legal form of a Limited Liability Entrepreneurial Company (Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)) have also been kept available.

COFA Consulting + Vertriebs AG works in partnership with renowned tax consultants, auditors and law firms. A lively and timely exchange of ideas forms the basis for constantly up-to-date sample contracts etc.

In addition to the companies under German law, companies from selected EU countries are also on offer. In particular, these are the English Limited (by shares), Swiss AG, Luxembourgish AG and the Belgian PGmbH.

COFA Consulting + Vertriebs AG has its headquarters in Aachen. We are represented throughout Germany by cooperation partners.

As management consultants, we provide services in the field of business startups and company consolidation.